Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wool 100% (Japan, 2006)

Wool 100% is a Japanese fantasy film by director Mai Tominaga. This is one of those weird experimental productions that could only be made in Japan.
A strange story about two sister who live together in a mansion collection garbage and at one day a girl appears knitting something, which has to be done over and over again. Well there will be some explanations but they are pretty well hidden! It's cool when a story is a bit weird but it has to keep your attention, and that was the problem with me... my mind flew everywhere during some scenes that just seemed a bit too long. It prizes atmosphere above all!
The animation scenes are just brilliantly made, I loved those.

The cinematrography is pretty good, the music could be a bit better in my eyes.
So it's an experimental story which is pretty well made but it couldn't convince me all the time.