Monday, October 13, 2014

Club Football Statisctics: The Game

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What is life?

So let me ask you an interesting question? What is life? Is it the kind of life were you get a girlfriend, get married and create a family? Or, is life to discover what is this world all about and breakaway from all ties by which you are bound?

People often say 'Life is short', and indeed it is but why do we still live the life people expect from us? Maybe it is just too difficult too cut your ties and explore, travel the world, look for beauty and discover yourself. Ofcourse it is a lot easier to work, be with your family and take care of your children than to start a soul searching journey. Maybe we are even scared to discover what everything is about in this life because when you really think of it: Why do we work 5 to 7 days a week till we die? What will and does it give us? The common answer will be that you do it for your children but even so.. do our children just need that? In my opinion to make fully advantage of our short life we should indeed just shout out: STOP. Only than you can really begin to live.

I think most people have this idea lingering in their minds, don't they?