Friday, August 29, 2008

P / The Posessed (Thailand, 2005)

P is a Thai movie by director Paul Spurrier. The first scenes are rather interesting, images are shown of a young Thai girl in a tiny village. she is being disliked by other kids because she is the granddaughter of a witch. When her grandmom gots ill she needs to look for a job in Bangkok to pay for the medicine. What follows is her life in a bar and she gets caught up in the sex industry. The film is a bit dark and sensual and often it is said it is a bit like a Thai 'Showgirls'.
Though the acting was already not very good, after this point the film becomes so very very bad it is just not watchable anymore. The girls turns into a flesh eating demon at night.
It doesn't make any sense and it is just so tragically bad I don't really understand some people like this one. Maybe they only have seen the first 45 minutes. Or you want to have a good laugh, it is watchable at such a moment.
Thai horrors are pretty popular but sometimes they just are lacking every kind of innovation.