Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tropical Day

Today it is horrible to be in the Netherlands.... the temperature will reach tropical heights today (35 degrees). 35 you say? 35 is not so warm? Try my country, where the humidity is killing. Sparrows crash down the roofs, elder people only just survive and the sky is blurry. Tonight it will all change because our climate can't take this heat, tonight we will have thunder, rain and hail. I can't wait for this storm to arrive! In the mean time there will be an attempt to study, maybe watch a movie and just complain about the weather.

It is almost the only thing to write about, the world seems to be holding his breath, there is no news these days. Just nothing happens. So what will come?
A horrible outbreak of viruses? Earthquakes, Tsunami's or the eruption of the Vesuvius? Maybe the Russians and the Americans will announce war this time? Nothing of it all, the worlds slides into the nothingness and as a result the Netherlands will be embraced by a tropical wall.

Where is the winter when you need it?