Monday, May 25, 2009

The Yu Bei Ballad (or the Ballad of the North Henan Province) is being played by famous Chinese Erhu player Yu Hongmei an pianist… This track got everything music needs to have. Filled with emotion you will experience a dream which lasts for 10 minutes. When you are able to close your eyes, put everything away for a moment and just listen to the music you will be swept away by its beauty. The Erhu sound will fill not only your head, but also your soul and before your eyes the beautiful Chinese landscape will appear. You will experience a journey of a person walking through this world filled with flowers and trees. In the beginning you just stare at this paradise for a while, some kind of warmth will fill your body and soul and drags you more in it. Between the many falling leaves you see a glimpse of this magical girl, wearing a beautiful dress in reddish colors which attract your attention.
Than when you take your first steps, you soon can’t stop running, you just have to run, jump, dance and praise the clear blue waterfall that suddenly appears. Running over hills, crossing lakes you are searching for her, the one who is like a bird flying through the woods and mysterious as a fairy she will always is one step ahead. What can you do than follow her, hoping to look her in the eyes. Suddenly you realize you are in an open field, filled with wild flowers and in the centre she is standing like a statue, a princess who is frozen in time. Slowly walking towards her, you feel your heart starts beating faster and faster. She looks at you, and starts to walk in circles around you looking longfully at the sky. Now it is you who becomes a statue, never you could ever had realized such beauty really exists, start to doubt yourself, what is happening to me Why can’t I move, how did she enchant me? She is leaving again, disappearing in the dense forest. Though you wanna run and chase her, you can’t and slowly you begin to realize she will never be yours. She is a spirit of the forest and belongs to a different kind of world. At last you realize, what I saw was all I ever hoped for and slowly a smile appears on your face. ‘I have seen the meaning of this world; I have seen the beauty that still lives in my hearts’. If you cherish it she will always stay there and maybe, maybe one day you will have the opportunity to meet her once more.

Yes, music can heal your soul, music gives you the chance to see your most desires. Yu Hongmei created a fairytale of most beautiful kind!