Friday, January 22, 2010

Mulan (China, 2009)

Well, to start, the movie isn’t as good as it possibly could have been. The start is just weak and it slowly gets better but never reaches the ‘wow’ factor. For example, the helmets look like they are made out of plastic, the harasses as well and how can Mulan become a general in such a short period?

The drama is okay but cliché, some scenes are cinematographically beautiful and some are horrible, it seems like the film is an unfinished production. Is it all that bad?? Not at all, the film can be surely be enjoyed, however it is just sad because Director Jingle Ma could have done a better job.

One last point of criticism (which is hilarious), why was Zhao Wei (or Vicky Zhao, whatever you like.... 'A Time to Love') casted as Mulan? Sure, she is a good actress and she is beautiful, but that is the problem. She is so stunning that not even for a second you would mistake her for a man.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Matrimony, The / Xin Zhong You Gui (China, 2007)

The Matrimony is an intriguing and very dramatic love story with horror elements, but don't be mistaken it is far more a drama than a horror. The world which the director creates is a very powerful one, with beautifully shot images, a wonderful use of colors and a story that will draw you in.

Well maybe the story isn't too innovative, but it is executed in a good way (which makes it an effective tragic love story) with strong performances of Leon Lai, Rene Liu and Fan Bingbing.

If you look for drama, love and a little bit of horror with scenes that are dazzling of its beauty.... the Matrimony is yours to watch!