Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sicario (2015)

After Villeneuve’s more than brilliant ‘Incendies’ every film he makes will be looked to with great anticipation, which also makes it a lot easier to fail to meet these high expectations. But to be honest with his new film ‘Sicario’ he does it again! ‘Sicario’ is about the fight against drug trafficking and well let’s say this isn’t the first time a movie has been made about this subject. This also doesn’t make it easier to keep this kind of high level that Villeneuve maintains. But with the simply great soundtrack, brilliant acting (well don’t we expect that all of Benicio del Toro but also Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin totally feel themselves comfortable in their roles) and a total absence of something positive in it’s story makes it an unforgettable experience. From the very start of the film you are dipped in this world of violence and without compassion. You will be gripped with such a depressive feeling it will find its way through all of your veins and you can’t do anything else than get hypnotized and enjoy the ride.