Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fan Bingbing poses for Vogue

Chinese actress and star Fan Bingbing poses for Vogue, the Italian edition. Bingbing seems to conquer the world bit by bit.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Xu Qing

Rather beautiful and elegant picture of Xu Qing who stars alongside Bruce Willis in 'Looper'.

Love and film

The special enchantment a movie can have; is that everlasting or just a period of interest in your lifespan? Though there are periods when you watch more and some periods you turn to different kinds of entertainment, I guess the love for film becomes part of your soul and will intertwine with it. When you once became addicted you keep longing to see them, to see the perfect scene, the most beautifull cinematography or the greatest acting there is. Evertytime you keep longing for it, and you will be disappointed often but the need to see stays. The need of love, the need of film.

I hope everyone will find him- or herself during this soulsearching journey. Why do we do it? Why can't we resist those almost primtive feelings? The answer is rather simple: Just for this one smile, this salty tear that runs down your face and this one combination of all emotions in all. Will you find it?

Shakespeare could have said it: To watch film or not to watch film