Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hotel Venus / Hoteru binasu (Japan, 2004)

The Hotel Venus is a rather interesting film! The story deals about some persons who live in a kind of hotel. The stories of their life are being told in a very special way.
In the beginning of this film everything is very unclear and you don’t have any idea what kind of film this will turn out to be. During the film you will get more clues and the different characters will be understood a bit more.

The director makes an interesting choice in making this film. He works with a very slow story, almost nothing happens and the entire is almost completely in black and white. If this wouldn’t be executed very well the film could have turned into a disaster but luckily enough this s not what happened. The film turned out to be really interesting and intriguing.

The story is very emotional in a different kind of way, it is not an easy film at all! In the end this film has a very strong and intense emotional power which is difficult to describe but you will understand it when you see this film.

A film about the ‘other’ side of people.