Sunday, October 21, 2012

Colic: Dek Hen Pee (Thailand, 2006)

When Phrae Ploy discovers that she is pregnant she gets married with Pongpop. Everything seems well but then suddenly the there is a fire next door and the neighbour gets burnt alive. Soon the baby gets born but doesn't seem to know there is anything besides crying. What is wrong with him?? The truth is more horrifying than you could ever imagine!

Colic: Dek Hen Pee starts rather slow but turns out to be a decent Thai horror. It's one of those movies that gets it from the mood, the atmosphere. Mystery is all around and the viewer has to put the parts of the puzzle together. Bad Karma, lost souls, a desparate mothe...for those how love this, Colic is a must see.

Also Pimpan Chalaikupp puts down a strong performance as Phrae Ploy. Thai horror isn't always good but slowly they get the feeling of it more and more.