Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ip Man (Hongkong, 2008)

Ip Man is a rather well constructed martial-arts film. Maybe the acting sometimes is a bit below good, but the fighting scenes are really well done. Though I often love the big choreographic, almost like ballet fighting scenes of Zhang Yimou films a bit more, the fighting in Ip-Man is more 'casual' marial-arts fighting and works perfectly for this film.

The story is about fighting for yourself and your country, which reminded me a bit of Jet Li’s fearless. Maybe it is not as good as Fearless, but it gets close. What I will remember is one brilliant scene, a battle scene where Ip Man’s kid suddenly enters the room on his little bike with a great announcement ('if you don't attack, he will break everything in the house') during a fight. A very nice touch of showing how to put some humour in this film.

In its genre it is one of the best.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ride away / Dal-lyeo-la ja-jeon-geo (South Korea, 2008)

‘Ride away’ is a story of the development of emotions of some characters. It’s a really sober story which totally focuses on emotion.
Why was my past this way, why can’t that guy really fall for me for 100%. These questions can never be answered clearly cause people have to live with their past and everyone deals with her or his past in a different way.

Maybe this story is not really a totally original one and not too many things happen in this film, but to me it worked. I think it is a rather good balanced romance drama which give this movie its own charm.

Most of all it is a story about hope and belief, whenever you will keep believing…. One day your wish will surely come true.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daddy long legs / Kidari ajeossi (South Korea, 2005)

Again a story about love! It is a typical Korean movie wit hits romance and drama. It has a nice story, with a plot twist which could be expected a bit.
The emotion of this film is a good one, it is about looking for your true love. And sometimes you suddenly realize all the time it was so clear. But for some reason, now you suddenly see. The one you love, the one you looking for…in fact all the time you knew and at the same time you didn’t have any clue about it.

Just look around you and maybe you will find that person you were looking for so long very near to you. As long as my memories of you will never fade, I will be happy. Even though I don’t know anything anymore, there is one thing I want to remember. That one thing, it is you.

Maybe you just realize you remembered again.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heavenly Forest / Tada, kimi wo aishiteru (Japan, 2006)

While watching this movie, I continuously had the idea that there could have been made something more out of. It is a nice romantic story, which has its dramatic twist but it felt like something was missing.

The cinematography in this film is absolutely wonderful, the scenes in the forest are almost of an unknown beauty, a little glimpse into paradise it is. The true best past of the film is Aoi Miyazaki. I don’t have a clue how she does it but she always makes the film a success. She shines on film, gives the story just the spark that it needs (and don’t forget that she has such a great beauty, it is almost unimaginable) just by being there. She acts in such purity; even the childishness of her character wasn’t irritating because she just gave the right twist to it.
The end is decent, with a typical Asian (read: especially for Korean films) twist in the story.

A nice and moving film, but maybe it could have been a little better.