Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ip Man (Hongkong, 2008)

Ip Man is a rather well constructed martial-arts film. Maybe the acting sometimes is a bit below good, but the fighting scenes are really well done. Though I often love the big choreographic, almost like ballet fighting scenes of Zhang Yimou films a bit more, the fighting in Ip-Man is more 'casual' marial-arts fighting and works perfectly for this film.

The story is about fighting for yourself and your country, which reminded me a bit of Jet Li’s fearless. Maybe it is not as good as Fearless, but it gets close. What I will remember is one brilliant scene, a battle scene where Ip Man’s kid suddenly enters the room on his little bike with a great announcement ('if you don't attack, he will break everything in the house') during a fight. A very nice touch of showing how to put some humour in this film.

In its genre it is one of the best.

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paradise lost said...

ye wen,a new hongkong film,played by zhen zi dan,ithought it was just a action film,but it became a emotional one after i read your this article. i like your bright writing and wanna try this film oneday.