Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let the right one in / Lat den Rätte Komma In (Sweden, 2008)

Sometimes you just don’t expect too much of a movie, and when you see it you are just being blown away by its beauty. It happened to me when I was watching the Swedish film ‘Let the right one in’.

What kind of film are we dealing with? Well, this is a rather difficult question cause in a way it almost looks like a typical Swedish child movie (In the Netherlands we would say it is a typical Sunday morning/afternoon film, because here there often Scandinavian child movies shown during this time). But no, it is not. Some scenes in it are just too much, some scenes maybe even are rated for 16 years and older. But it isn’t a casual horror movie as well. I think it comes close to a romantic drama film a horror twist. In the end, this film is the story of a boy (Oskar), who is being bullied at school, who makes a new friend, a very intriguing girl (Eli). Rather fast he feels more for her as friendship but Eli isn’t just a normal girl. ‘If I would not be a girl, would you still like me?’ Eli asks.

What makes this film so powerful is another aspect. It is the atmosphere in this film! The fantastic cinematography, the music the acting, it all adds up to a magical atmosphere that is being created. The brilliant shots of the Swedish snow give it a desolate and mysterious feeling. The acting of the two young actors is amazing, especially the acting of Lina Leandersson. She always has this mystery around her, she is always a bit scary but at the same time she is most intriguing and that is what probably attracts Oskar so much in her.

This is a vampire film, but not just an ordinary one. It is also a film about growing up, about being bullied and about experiencing your first love.

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