Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yu-Na Kim wins the word championships!

Yes!! Finally it happened, my favourite Korean skater Yu-Na Kim won the gold medal in the ladies program, and it makes world champion 2009!
Well almost the entire program was flawless (she only missed one jump) and with this stunning performance the other competitors had no chance of beating her. Not only her jumps are amzing, she also has a great expression and her skating itself is most delicate, just like Yu-Na Kim herself is.
She ended up with 16!! more points than second place Canadian Rochette, never seen such a huge gap like that before. Third place went to Japanese former world champion Miki Ando, Japan always has a very strong team with Mao Asada (2008 world champion) on fourth place. Yukari Nakano (4th in 2008) didn't even compete in Los Angeles!

Yu Na Kim is probably the most talented figure skater of the 21st century, towards Vancouver 2008 she will be chasing perfection to become the new Olympic champion.

Congratulations Yu-Na Kim, your tears during the national anthem were beautiful as well!