Monday, April 27, 2009

Nana (Japan, 2005)

The manga of Nana was so hugely famous in Japan, a complete hype, that it couldn't take long before a film would be made about it. And yes, in this film you can see its popularity. It is a bit too poppy in my opinion. But don't misunderstand me, by all means it is not a bad movie.
The story is pretty simple, but Asians have the ability to create a fantastic film out of a not too complex story. It is in the way how they present the movie and cleverly add some emotion on specific times.

But the absolute best of this movie is Aoi Miyazaki. When she appears on screen it is like everything else fades away. She truly possesses the power to overwhelm you with her presence. Yes, she is stunningly beautiful but don't forget her acting is to a very high level as well, she really is the character she plays and that is very rare, I think she is a great actress. The chemistry between Aoi Miyazaki and Mika Nakashima is beautiful, together they really add so much power to the scenes.

Maybe Nana is not the best movie, probably it could have become a real interesting film in the hands of director Shunji Iwai. Immediately I had to think of Hana to Arisu (Hana & Alice) when I saw Nana. But, 'Nana' has been made for a huge audience and they screem for this poppy-look.