Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daddy long legs / Kidari ajeossi (South Korea, 2005)

Again a story about love! It is a typical Korean movie wit hits romance and drama. It has a nice story, with a plot twist which could be expected a bit.
The emotion of this film is a good one, it is about looking for your true love. And sometimes you suddenly realize all the time it was so clear. But for some reason, now you suddenly see. The one you love, the one you looking for…in fact all the time you knew and at the same time you didn’t have any clue about it.

Just look around you and maybe you will find that person you were looking for so long very near to you. As long as my memories of you will never fade, I will be happy. Even though I don’t know anything anymore, there is one thing I want to remember. That one thing, it is you.

Maybe you just realize you remembered again.

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paradise lost said...

meinte,ur writing looks emotional aswell,its beautiful and romantic again,i ever watched this film,ifelt abit bitter after i watched it,i agree with u, its a emotional film with ur emotional and wonderful writing..

there's sb we ll never forget,there's some memories we ll think of always...

"there is one thing I want to remember. That one thing, it is you."

i love this sentance of urs..