Friday, March 16, 2007

Grave of the fireflies

I just watched a Japanese anime movie which is called 'Grave of the fireflies' (Hotaru no haka). It's about a brother and sister in Japan who have lost their mum during a bomb attack. Their dad is in the navy, and seemed to be disappeared completely.
The brother (Seita) and sister (Satsuko) are being raised for a while by some family member but after a while she won't take care of them anymore. Seiko and Satsuko have to live on their own and are going to make a bombshelter their home. There isn't enough food and Satsuko is getting ill.....
It's a very very very tragic story about the love between a brother and sister in times of war, a story of survival. I think this anime is pretty good, and it fully deserves the 32nd position in the list (site: moviemeter) of best movies ever made. It is even compared by critics with Schindler's list. 'Grave of the fireflies is the most profoundly human animated film I've ever seen'. You will be impressed after watching it and probably will feel very sad. Tragic and beautiful, again a good combination!

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