Friday, March 23, 2007

Kim Yu-Na

Today the short programm for ladies at the world championships figure skating at Tokyo was being held. The result shows us that five of the first six skaters got a personal best! The level of skating was so high today! There was only one brilliant European skater, Kostner (Italy), which showed that Europe isn't very outstanding in figure skating anymore. Asia conquers this sport too. There were 2 Japanese women (Ando & Asada) in the top of the results. Asia is conquering this sport too, this couldn't be much clear after the skating of 16 year old Kim Yu-Na from South-Korea. This race was never shown before, I'm almost sure no one ever got this high score. She seems to be from another planet, technically so very good and her performence was just perfect. Tomorrow will be the final, everyone should watch it!

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