Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 2 of Vaitlin's story

Wandering further away from the cliff Vaitlin felt his own feelings were coming back in some way. The dark spots in his mind seemed to decline with every step he took. No longer was he controlled by this depressed thoughts that brought him up here. Still the wind was pulling at his clothes, as if to make one last effort to blow him to the edge of the cliff again. Headshaking, while taking step after step through the long green waving grass, Vaitlin pushed away a disturbing thought. ‘No, it isn’t possible. Why should the forces of nature even think of me? Am I that selfish, that I think nature is making me to leave this world.’ A deep and rumbling laugh came out of his mouth, laughing away the insanity of his own words. Turning around for one last time, to never think of this moment again Vaitlin fell to his knees. ‘No! No it’s not possible!’. But still the image of this lady dressed in white burned on his mind. ‘It’s only this cliff which depresses me, it can’t be Deluriel. She would never jump’.

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