Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tommi Eronen / Zhang Jingchu

Today I finally had the oppurtunity to watch Jade Soturi (Jade warrior) in the cinema! Well I have to say it was great, fantastic epic story about good and evil. The first Finnish martial arts film ever made, with brillaint acting of Tommi Eronen and Zhang Jingchu. She does look so pretty in this film!!
I loved the magic feeling it gave, superb camera work of beautiful nature and villages. I can only strongly recommend this film to anyone, but beware the story isn't too simple again (which is great by the way). the story takes place in contempory Finland (Suomi) and China of 200o years ago. The story is based on the the national epic 'Kalevala' (a famous Finnish epic poem filled with legends and lore.) It's about a device that is called the 'Sampa' which is said to be the hidden source of happiness.
The fusion of Finnish and Chinese culture makes it very special to watch, when will it be out on dvd??

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