Friday, May 11, 2007

Sympathy for lady vengeance

The third and last film in Park Chan Wook's revenge trilogy.
It deals aboutr a woman who is released from prison after 13 years, by flashbacks you will know why she was put in jail. It's because of the kidnapping and killing of a little boy.

But did she really committed this great crime? She wants to take revenge on the people who put her in this position. This evolves in a rather dark movie, with very dark humour. She also searches for her child which she gave away for adoption. The main character 'Lee Geum-ja' is pretty good casted. Beautiful, elegant and a very coldhearted person! The acting of Lee Young-ae and Choi Min-sik is really great and the art direction and camera work is also very beautiful. The musical score of this movie is really fantastic with it's classical themes.

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