Thursday, March 20, 2008

Figure Skating World Championships 2008 Göteborg... Mao Asada

World championships figure skating at Göteborg, Sweden.

The free program for the ladies was skated on thursday night and what can you say about it. I guess there is just one thing to say!!! Absolutely stunning! How exciting and breathtaking it was! To see the final you have to posess very strong nerves cause it was really really nervebreaking!!
It started with Carlonina Kostner, the Italian woman who skated okay but not brilliantly.... Yu Na Kim who feel in the short program was 5 points behind and skated fantastic!! I think it was the best program of all ladies but it just wasn't enough.... She had a very special comeback but in the end she lacked 0.6 points. Well, she is only 17 and in my eyes she really is the very best in the world so next year she will have another chance to reign.

But it wasn't over at all after Yu Na Kim. Mao Asada was only 0.18 behind after the short program. She started and in her way to make her first jump she fell, she fell really hard. The audience was shocked and Asada seemed to be out for title candidat. One way or another she gave her all after her faal and everything was perfect! It's was so beautiful to watch, so dramatic and exciting I don't blame people for closing their eyes. Everyone had a hard time watching something so exciting and brilliant. Waiting for her points, the suspense was unbearable.... and.... Yes she won by one point! Mao Asada is the new world champion. Congratulations so much!
After Asada Yukari Nakano skated really wonderful and was given to little by the judges. She ended in fourth position.

What happened to former World champion Miki Ando? She started but injured herself. Sadness filled my heart when a single tear flew over her cheek. I hope the injury won't be too bad.

Asada, Koster, Yu Na Kim and Nakano... you really made this night a very special one! Thank you very much!


Michel Merlin said...

In 50y of watching skating (including Grenoble 1968: Ludmilla Belousova & Oleg Protopopov!! Peggy Fleming!!), I remember nothing more beautiful and moving than your "So Deep Is The Night" (on Chopin Étude No 3 "Tristesse"), at the Göteborg Gala on Sun 23 Mar 2008.

Music is very intelligently and sensibly chosen, sung, played - and above all, skated.

You got millions hearts world wide, see the "+11" that seconded my post on YouTube on Mon 24 Mar 2008 00:09 GMT.

Versailles (France), Tue 25 Mar 2008 18:26 +0100

Meinte said...

Truely beautiful it was! And what a world championship we have seen in Göteborg! Just a stunning atmosphere with the perfect audience I have to say.