Monday, April 21, 2008

Field of wild flowers - Remember?

Do you remember the fields that are filled with wild flowers? Do you remember the scene in 'house of flying daggers' in such a field?
It's one of the best scenes in the entire movie, it's a complete change of colour when they enter there. Zhang ziyi looks stunning in the clothes she wears (Takeshi Kaneshiro makes ajoke about her clothes cause she wears men's clothing: "I will ask every woman to wear men's clothes", and he is completely right).
Do you remember he rides his horse to pick wild flowers for her? Accompanied by such great and emotional music (I guess it's called 'lovers').

Remember my poem I wrote once about such a scene? Someday I'll take you there, hold your hand and show you the beauty of nature. Feel the wind gently touching your hair and hear the soft sound of a bird far away.

Do you remember there are so much more things to do, so much more memories to make, remember you have have to make them with me.

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