Friday, August 15, 2008

Lions for Lambs (USA, 2007)

Lion for lambs by director Robert Redford is a very interesting film about the war in Afghanistan, or in fact it is about the propaganda and what the USA government wants us to believe about their fight against terrorism.
The story comes close to your own life, for many Americans it even came to close. That these kind of anti-war movies (just like In the valley of Elah and Battle for Haditha) don’t bring in a big American audience it due to this fact. It is not because this film in not good or skilful made. On the contrary it is a very very intense film. But why were films like Apocalypse Now such a huge success and Lions for Lambs not. It can be explained rather easily I guess. Apocalyps Now was made when the war in Vietnam already ended, while the war in Afghanistan is still going on. But I understand, to watch a film about your own government, your own fight against terrorism is pretty hard when everything happened seems to be a wrong judgment of the situation.
With actors like Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, the Hollywood cast is enormous but also differs much. Robert Redford did a good job, cause Tom Cruise is perfectly presented like the Senator (not necessarily good or evil), Robert Redford as the teacher and Meryl Streep is the journalist who wants to dig deeper. We also follow two soldiers who are left in the snowy mountains of Afghanistan which adds a bit of drama to the story.

It will leave you with this question: did we do the right thing?

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