Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hadersfild (Serbia, 2007)

Hadersfild is a story about friendship. One guy, who has left Serbia for eleven years and worked in England(Huddersfield – Hadersfild), comes back and visits his friend. We are introduced to some very special personalities, all fighting with their own mental demons. It is about the struggle with yourself.

What you should know is that it is a film about the 90’s of the past century. A decade where a complete nation (Yugoslavia) was torn apart, not by foreign people but by its own inhabitants. That is what makes this war leaving so many scars behind for people in those regions. Though the film doesn’t tell about the war, it is clear that the characters never will be the persons anymore they were before. After it started, everything changed and even 11 years later most people still are confused and mentally and physically struggling.

Decent film, but for those who don’t know much about the Yugoslavian war it can be a bit hard to understand the emotion of it. That was also the problem for me, it could not convince all the time.


Rebeka said...

I was glad to find your explanation of the movie in English. I was trying to introduce this movie and its plot to my husband who is American.
It is true this movie is about the psychological consequencies economic sanctions have left on the young people of Serbia. It is not only war, cause there was no war on the territory of Serbia. I come from that region, from Bosnia and I remember how life was then and throughtout the 10 years.
We can not exactly say that people have done that to themselves. It is economic sanctions imposed on the country that have completely restricted the live and prospects of that generation at it peak.
Not only the sanctions but also the regime of then president in power Milosevic. People could not travel out of the country. There were no jobs.
It is the the times that have happened and people did not deserve the sanctions. You simply cannot do much about you life you were restricted by the economical situation. I would like to exchange with you more thought about this subject and movie. If you have questiona ask me.

Meinte said...

Thank you for your very intersting response to 'Hadersfild'. Yeah, to me the film was sometimes a bit difficult to understand because, though we hear much about the Balkan, I am from a complete other place and than it is sometimes difficult to understand true emotions.

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