Friday, March 13, 2009

Komissar / The Commissar (USSR, 1967)

Almost completely filmed back in 1967 this film was completed in 1988 and showed on the festival of Berlin where it would win the silver Bear. This film is magnificent in its scenery! Though it is almost completely shot in black and white, the starting scene is immediately breathtaking with showing a statue of the Holy Virgin Maria.
We will see a woman (Komissar) called Valilova, who almost gives birth to a child, who is placed at a normal Russian family. Not only we will see a movie about the daily routine of a Russian poor family and how they manage to keep going with the use of flashbacks we also see the past life of Valilova when she was still in the Red Army. The story is highly intriguing and at times even moving.

Though it is a rather olf film, it doesn’t lack in any power!!

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