Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snow in Beijing? / Ambassador of 'Kawaii' / Time of the cherry blossom

Springtime arrived again, though it did everywhere in the world most fascinating news comes from Asia.

Does it snow in Beijing? No, these are the willow catkins. The government even warned about it and is advising to wear sunglasses or veils as they pose potential risks to the health of people's respiratory tract.

Ambassador of Kawaii? Yeah, it is possible in Japan. Because Japanese for a long time seem to adore everything that is cute (kawaii) they introduced the ambassador of kawaii. Just a thing that could only be made possible in Japan, but it is brilliant!

And ofcourse we are in the period of the cherry blossom, our mind is taking back to the period In our minds we see geisha's standing in front of such beauty, wearing their magnificent kimono's to enchant us and wish those times could re-appear.

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