Monday, December 14, 2009

Amour à Tair / A Love to Hide (France, 2005)

‘A Love to Hide’ is a less known anti-war film, but nonetheless a very powerful one. It shows the fate which had the homosexual had to suffer, they also were transported to transition camps, work camps and concentration camps.
A French movie which was released back in 2005 and probably the first time this subject was getting attention in France. In WW2 there were laws against homosexuals, they were ill and had to be reformed. After the war ended the laws against them weren’t abandoned. It was 1981 when finally they were accepted in society.

Jean (Jérémie Renier) lives in Paris and wants to help his friend Sarah Morgenstern. He brings her to his friend Philippe’s place and for a while they live kind of happily together though Sarah has a hard time accepting the fact Jean loves Philippe more than herself. Jean’s brother Jacques has always been the black sheep of the family and when he discovers about Jean’s sexuality he makes a plan to regain the trust of especially his father. Jacques collaborates and makes a deal that will put Jena in a jail for one day. But, it horribly goes wrong and Jean is deported.

A strong and powerful film, by director Christian Faure, about love, hatred and the cruelty of war.

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I love this movie.