Thursday, January 7, 2010

China Daily's best Chinese films of 2009

China Daily made a list of the best Chinese films of 2009 in their eyes:

1: A simple Noodle Story - The new film of Zhang Yimou, a comedy this time

2: The Message - This one seems pretty interesting, a spy movie which is called one of the most refined movies this year. It is about Chinese resistance against Japanese agression. Zhou Xun is the star is the star of this film.

3: Cow - The story revolves around a cow, a gift from a European country, and how it has an unexpected impact on different people, including Japanese soldiers.

4: Overheard - written and directed by writers who were behind Infernal Affairs. Three wiretappers at the Hong Kong commercial crime investigation bureau find out about a listed company trying to manipulate the stock market.

5: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - Chinese animation, wondering what that could be....

6: Crazy Racer - a funny movie about 10 induviduals and their lifes which are interwoven with one another

7: The Founding of a Republic - Historical film which a huge and magnificent cast: Zhang Ziyi, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and also with Chen Kaige and Feng Xiaogang.

8: The City of Life and Death - About the massacre of Nanjing...very dramatic film which seems to be more realistic than the German film 'John Rabe'.

9: Night and Fog - A middle-aged Hongkonger marries a young mainland beauty with a shady past.

10: Bodyguards and Assassins - Action/Costume flick which finds a good combination between
drama and action.