Wednesday, November 6, 2013

America's troubles

These days USA adm. Samuel Locklear stated that DPRK (North-Korea) is a threat to the USA because they seem to be able to create an intercontinental ballistic missile. So even if the DPRK posesses this ability is this former country of American Dreams really afraid that a real life adaptation of the game 'Homefront' could become reality?

The United States of America are scared of small threats but never seem to realize the decay that turned their own nation into a rotten body. The age of immortality is in the States far over, no dreams are left in this desolated place of forgotten memories. Memories that are overshadowed by meanless wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. And last but not least the forgotten war in Korea. They never won this one too, so maybe they are right about the fact that one day they will be beaten by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Sometimes dreams become reality but unfortanetly for the USA the American dream will always be a nightmarish dream instead.

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