Wednesday, August 31, 2016

So-won / Hope (2013)

So-won (hope) is an extremely heavy and heartbreaking Korean film about how to deal, within a family,  after a traumatic and devastating tragedy. When a young girl get raped the safe world of her and her parents immediately collaps and the entire world turns to the deepst shade of black. What follows isn't a thriller like chase for the bad guy but it focusses on emotions instead. How could people ever deal with this kind of horror and how can they go back to their lives as it once was? Director Lee Joon Ik ('The King and the Clown')  really created a masterpiece by focussing on the family instead of the horrific event, Though it is rather depressing ans sometimes very hard to watch without becoming emotional as well it also honors its title 'Hope',  because even in the darkest shade of black something seems to shimmer.

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