Friday, February 9, 2007

House of flying daggers

This movie, made by famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou, left a great impression on me. It was an impression of beauty, beauty of clothing, beauty of music and beauty of camera work. The story of this moment is not really important, just let the beauty guide you through this movie.

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Jing Yi said...

wow,you gave me a beautiful surprise again.Meinte.i like the beautiful pictures on your blog again.sometimes the story of films aren't most important.sometimes i even think the beauty of the films bring is most i think house of flying daggers really lead our eyes to a beautiful view.i agree with you.the beautiful and charming clothesing in it attract me a lot.the wonderful dancing of ZiYi is worthy being watched.the sad ending of film make me moved a lot...I like every film of you ever introuded me.