Saturday, February 10, 2007

In the mood for love

The prequel to 2046, in the mood for love, is directed by Wong Kar Wai. Maybe this one of the best movies ever made. It has the power to find beauty in every little thing in life. You will be stunned by the beauty how two people can pass eachother. Beauty will be found in the cigarette smoke (if you want to get smoking of the screen you must be complete crazy or an American), the way she seeks shelter from the rain, even in holding a phone. Well there would be 1000 or more examples to give. Every frame of this movie could be eternalized in a poster or a painting. Only the really brilliant directors can achieve this.
The clothing makes it even more beautiful, every dress is so extreme gorgeous. Those typical Shanghai dresses from the sixties are probably the most fantastic dresses ever made, so much colour, so beautiful design. It's the same with the Japanese Kimono's, you wish people would still wear them.
Well last but not least I have to say a few things about the actors. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung act fantastic. Those two beautiful people really bring the movie alive. Even it's a sad story they give you a feeling of 'in the mood for love'. Love can be so beautiful, love can be so sad. Their acting is so intense, it's catches you and doesn't let you go till the very end.

Some people may think this movie is a bit broing, but in fact it is the opposite. If you are ready to let this movie grab you and take and swirl you in a world of melancholy, beauty and pure emotion you will end up with the one perfect feeling in your heart. the feeling of true beauty.

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Jing Yi said...

wow,I love this essay of yours so much.It's too fantastic Meinte..You are so great and talented.a beautiful and awesome essay again.I enjoy the beautiful pictures of "in the mood for love"again."in the mood for love" is so amazing and beautiful,however your essay is just as wonderful as it.
well,I really can feel and touch the real beauty of "In the mood for love"though watching it and reading your this essay.the beautiful story of its,the excellent clothesings in it,the drowy and beautiful frame,the harmonious colour of this film,the wonderful and sad music of its,...everything in this film is so perfect!it brings you to appreciate the real and implicit beauty.At the same time,you could be touched by its story.well,it's more than i can describe its beauty by words..
I love this essay of yours so much...