Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The road home

This low-budget film, directed by Zhang Yimou, doesn't have a complex storyline. It's all about one thing, love. The movie starts with a man who returns to his home where he grew up. He returns cause his father died. When he is there again and helps his mother to with the traditional funeral he remembers the memories of the love between his mother and father.
When a new teacher arrives at a small village, one girl (Zhang Ziyi) falls in love with him the moment she sees him. She tries to get his attention in different ways. Well...about the story... that is it.
This movie is so beautiful because it's pure filming. Many filmshots just show the face of Zhang Ziyi (perfect casting! She is so very beautiful and acts wonderfully. She gives true feeling for the innocence of a child's love), with some peaceful music too. Nature plays an important role too, those camera shots will give you a peaceful feeling.
It's a peaceful movie of love and beauty, worth watching!

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Jing Yi said...

The essay is so fantastic and amazing,your beautiful articles always give me a surprise everytime.i love to read them,enjoy them so much.at the same time,your beautiful articles always give me some spaces to imagine these wonderful films.you always could catch the deep sense of films and appreciate those films own beauty.it's very excellent,Meinte.i am proud of you.
well,"The road home" is ZiYi's first one.But her wonderful and pure acting leaves a strong expression on my mind.
"The road home"doesn't have luxurious frame,But it shows the pure and peaceful beauty of frame.everything looks so harmonious."The road home" doesn't have a complex story,But we can really feel the pure love which owns the commen people's.
This love story is so beautiful,pure,sad,touching...
at the same time it's a great love.I think the most touching act is in this film--The actress(ZiYi)run as fast as she can to send dumplings to her lover,then she tumbled.it's pity that she didn't catch the car to send dumplings.then she missed it.but no one could imagine that it's last chance to see her lover in this life.and they don't even say goodby to each other.The girl(zi Yi)had been waiting for her lover to be back soon,but one day she had known he had been dead in accident...then it leaves the deep pity in our heart.Their love story is so short,but it's unforgetable.
Every moment of theirs should be marked.Although their feelings to each other looks so shy,they love each other deeply..
I love your essay again,very beautiful!