Friday, February 16, 2007

Full moon wo sagashite

Well I just have to discuss another Japanese anime. This one is called 'Full moon wo sagashite'.
It's about a 12 year old girl who has throatcancer and will only have one more year to live. Two 'Shinigami' (kind of people who take you away from this world when it's your time) watch over her but something strange happens. This girl 'Mitsuki' can see the Shinigami (Takuto and Meroko) and she becomes friends with them. Mitsuki's dream is to be a famous singer but because of her age she can't do audition and because of her illness she can't sing. An other important storyline is her love for Eichi. He is in America to become an astronaut and she wants to reunite with him.
Those Shinigami cast a spell and turn Mituski for one year into a girl of 16. Now she is old enough to enter the auditions and she is given a record deal. I won't tell too much of it's has many different aspects. It deals with an impotant matter in life. Maybe she can recover completelythrough surgery but there is a big chance she will loose her voice forever as a result of the surgery. Singing is Mitsuki's love, if she does loose her voice, would life be worth living for?
Takuto seems to fall in love with Mitsuki, Meroko won't allow it so there is competition between them too. Where is Eichi? can Mitsuki find him? Will she really die? Those questions will be answered if you watch the serie!
In the beginning Full moon wo sagashiteseems to be a bit childish but just continue to watch some episodes (52 in total) you will be lost in it's story. You can also loose yourself in it's beautiful music. The song 'eternal snow' is so beautiful!!! It's played very very often but it never gets boring, I still play it often. Thos story will catch you and make you care for the characters, you really wanna see the end but in the way you don't wanna know the end cause it will be over after the last episode!

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Jing Yi said...

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