Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hmmm this time I don't discuss a movie or anime, I just wanna talk about the beauty of Asian cinema. When I talk about the beauty of Asian cinema I regularly speak of Chinese movies. It's difficult to explain what is really different about these movies than western ones but the beauty of the movies is greater. I think many westerns don't understand Asian movies cause they tell the story in a complete different way. In westerns movies most stories start at the beginning and continue onwards, but in Asian movies this is not the fact. They just begin the movie, it can be in the middle of the story, and use many flashbacks to continue what they want to say. In the beginning i t seems very weird and you don't understand but in a while you will appreciate the beauty of those films. You have to use your imagination more in many Asian movies, not always is the plot of the story given.
For example the Korean movie 'The uninvited', it isn't easy to understand but it's just so very very perfect. This movie is an example of daring to put silence in your movie. In Hollywood there will be much music when something exciting happens but in Asian ones there just will be silent and it is sooo more exciting! Not only the music is different but also the beauty of the images! In Asian movies they seem to have so much beautiful backgrounds and surroundings, in American movies I don't know...cause you don't care. It's mostly action and story that matters. In Asian movies the esthetical is very important, you will be lost in movies like 2046 or the univited. But you only can enjoy it's great beauty by completely let yourself go and enjoy every moment of it! Hollywood does have it's brilliant movies too but some Asian movies are so brilliant, though difficult to understand, and beautiful that it's just unimaginable.

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jing yi said...

Hey,Meinte..iam happy to see your beautiful blog and essay again,it's so wonderful,Meinte..I love it so much.i look forward to seeing your blog everyday.
well,I love Asian films too.hehe..I love the films which you introduced to me,every of them is so great and worthing watchd and enjoyed.I agree with what you said,some Asian films are difficult to understand,but they have their own beauty,such as,"2046""hero""uninvited"...they are all wonderful.well,i dislike American films.but some of them are fine.I think their films aren't meaningful and beautiful.well,some Asian horrible films are very silent.they always make you feel really scary suddenly,it's so wonderful,they are different from american films.I love your essay so's great!