Friday, February 23, 2007


Last night I went to the theatre and watched a Chines group 'YUN' who played traditional, ethnic and modern Chinese music. There was also singing and some really fabulous dance. This music group consisted of 4 Chinese women and one dutch man (percussionist). The women played all a different instrument such as the Gu zheng (Chinese local harp),
Erhu (Chinese knee violin)
and the Pipa (Chinese lute)
These women all achieved international succes with their instruments. The dancer even played in Chinese series and commercials.
The music was very peaceful and was played brilliantly. It was interesting to see the reaction of the Gu Zheng to the theat and light of the theatre, after every song the played they had to tune this instrument again. I loved the sound of all the instuments but I think the Erhu is so cool, it looks like a very strange instrument but the music of!!
The dancing part was very brilliant too, the woman studied in the famous He-Nan dancing academy. she was looking gorgeous, the clothing she weared was also perfect. Hmm again I know for sure...Chinese traditional clothing are the most beautiful in the world!
After the concert we could look at the instruments very they were so fantastically made and beautiful to see!! Afterwards we were also congratulated with Chinese new year and got some great food, together with a fortune cookie hehe. I also bought their cd to rejoin the music.
The fun part was when we (i went with a friend) looked around us and noticed we were the youngest hehe, I think almost everyone were 30 to 40 years older than us hehe.


Xue said...

i am glad that u like chinese traditional instruments.develop your intrest in films and be happy^^

Jing Yi said...

hehe,it's a wonderful chinese concert!Meinte..You could enjoy the beauty of chinese instruments,you can feel the magic chinese culture,you can appreciate the beautiful dance and wonderful clothesing..Chinese tradional instruments are very great!I also love to listen to them too,Meinte
Well,Gu zheng has already more than 2,500 years's history in China
It was called"Zheng"before,it also could be called"qin zheng"at the same time.But people called it"gu zheng"later.It was usually played on imperial family's banquet in ancient times,so chinese ruling class liked it very much,gu zheng has a excellent ability of expression on somebody described gu zheng as a sentance is"yu yin rao liang san ri er bu jue"it mainly means"the residue of sound which remains in the ears of the hearer crossed the beam,and never disappear within 3days"hehe..
well,Erhu was also called"nan hu"but we usually call it"Erhu"hehe,by different stages's development,Erhu's tone color becomes beautiful and perfect.i like erhu very much too.hehe..