Sunday, February 18, 2007

Zhou Yu's train

Maybe Zhou yu's train isn't the most famous Chinese movie and some critics will say it's a very cliché movie but I think it's is very beautiful. It's about the love of a poet and a woman (played by Gong Li) that works in a pottery factory. I read somewhere this entire movie looks like a poem and I agree totally.
Some interesting thing about this story is that there are many flashbacks, but sometimes these falshbacks aren't real flasbacks. The clue of this story can only be obtained when you watch it carefully and than in the end all pieces of the puzzle will come together. The story is told from the perspective of a person that looks like Zhou yu...but is it her? The most beautiful images are given when Zhou Yu is travelling by train to the city where her lover/poet lives. Such a beautifull journey it is..the beautiful landscape of China will grab you. I wish I could go there immediately!
The poet writes poems for her and writes about beautiful villages/lakes and compares it's beauty with hers. She is going to travel to these beautiful places but do they exist in real too?
Gong Li acts strongfully in this movie, she is very convincing when she breaks some of her pottery. You will have during this entire movie the feeling that it won't end good, but you still want to know what will happen.
The pictures of this movie are just so very beautiful and it's a perfect poetic movie. If you love to dream away in a painting of a beautiful landscape you will surely love this movie. Dream away in a poem and travel by train through beautiful memories. Maybe this is a metaphor to describe my feeling about it.

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Jing Yi said...

Wow,the beautiful essay which i look forward to again.your essay is always wonderful.i love these beautiful pictures so much,Meinte..
well,many persons around me dislike "zhou yu's train"but i like it,its romantic and sad story are great!they dislike this film because they don't understand this story,they don't understand to enjoy the beauty of this film.they perfer to watch funny films or the films which make them understand.well,Zhou Yu came to see her lover chenqing every week by train.Chen qing' beautiful poem attracts her a lot.their love is as ramantic as his poem.then she meet a guy whose name is Zhang qiang,then she found herself almost loves him.but she choose chen qing at last,zhou yu is dead in a accident...
it's so can enjoy the beauty of this film when we watch it.the magic story attracts me a lot..
beautiful essay again,Meinte