Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Again some great pictures

Those two days (tomorrow I will go to a Chinese concert) I don't have too much time to post something so I just put some beautiful pictures in this post.
I just think director 'Wong Kar Wai' has the perfect images in his films! Again I took some pictures of 'In the mood for love' and '2046'. Anybody that hasn't seen those movies yet....well run to a filmshop and get them as fast as you can.
It's just the use of colour in his movies, the choice of music, the casting and the brilliant camera-work. 2046 takes you away to a world that exist of pure beauty and the feeling of pure sadness. It's not easy to understand but give it a chance!!


Jing Yi said...

wow,these pictures are so wonderful and beautiful,i like them.hehe..the special colour of frame,wonderfl story,great acting.. attract me a lot.although some persons can't understand"2046"it's worthy being watched,it's a very wonderful's more meaningful than some films which you can understand.most important,we can enjoy the beauty,we can touch some meaningful things in it....

laven said...

Yeah , I have watched 2046 partly . However , maybe I am a little rusty so that I have not understood its deep significance , if it has any .