Sunday, February 25, 2007

The kite

I have to hold on tightly to the line of the kite,
The wind tries to blow the kite out of sight.
even if it's so far away and difficult to see,
I feel the tension of the line, I feel it pulls me to where it flies.

I want to follow it,
I want to embrace every danger there will be,
this kite I just won't loose,
It means to much to me.

The line is endless long,
it won't be easy to hold on,
But i have my entire life to find it again,
And I will, of that I'm sure.

It represents my biggest dream,
this dream I won't let go.
Months or years will eventually pass,
but in the end i will pull the kite to my arms again.

I travelled the world to look for wonders,
the mermaid showed me just one thing.
The stories and magic I know form your eyes,
will always burn bright in my heart.


Jing Yi said...

What a beautiful and touching poem is!!I love it so much,Meinte..I feel so moved after seeing's really wonderful!it has a beautiful title"The kite" leaves endless imagination to us.
Just hold the kite of happiness,never let it go.although it's so far away.everyone of us all has ourselves'kites.we all should care the meaning of them...
I love this poem so so much,Meinte.

Laven said...

Meinte , I really reckon that you are born a kind of gifted poet ! What a fabulous poem !

Absolutely , the title offer us much space for our imagination ! The kite , not only for love , but also for everything that we dream of in our life , is worthful for us to spare no efforts .

However , the kite , when compares to our dreams , is what we can not realise forever , only can be dreamt of , yet not can be achieved , due to that there is always a line between the kite and our hand . Without such a line , the kite won't fly higher and farther ...

Thanks for your poet ! I have learnt more not only from its contents ...