Thursday, March 1, 2007

The story of Vaitlin begins

Well our online story has beginning: The Cliff

Looking over the enormous sea with waves that would swallow everyting, Vaitlin stood on the highest cliff looking at the far horizon. Seagulls flying close towards him, as if they wanted him to join them and spread his wings. ‘Choose the open air, an endlessly flight through these cloudened skies’. Slowly he reached for his face to discover a single tear, a pearl shining in the appearing sun. Was it a tear of sadness or a tear of happiness, Vaitlin wasn’t sure. Why did he came all the way up here, to this lonely cliff with nothing more than some lousy fighting birds. The wind was pushing and pulling so hard he had to be careful he wouldn’t fall into the deep and endless sea. Or did he come here to jump and end his life without leaving a single trace? Vaitlin shook his head and whispered to the dark sea ‘why did I came here, what happened, what will happen’. At that moment he screamed like the world was coming to his end. Something inside woke him up from some kind of trance and pulled him away from the cliff. Slowly walking away from this place where everything could have ended, everything begins while Vaitlin took his first step towards his new journey.

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