Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Online story at fansquare

Together with some friends we created an online forum, fansquare. We are looking for more writers! At least once in three days every person has to post a part (10-50 sentences) of the story, you have to create your own story. Every writer creates his/her own character and let it start somewhere in this fantasy world. For example in the woods, cliff or dungeon.

In the beginning it will be very new and wil lbe under construction for a while. We don't know yet what the entire world will look like, what are the distances between places and when you travel you experience travelling time. But don't let it hold you back... first start with the story of your character. After a while your character can meet one of he other authors, so you can travel together and write for that other person too..

Well do you like to write and wanna experience some magical adventures...join us now and register at: (you have to copy this link and paste it in a new window due to the fact that this link doesn't work on my blog)

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