Monday, February 26, 2007

Koi Kaze (love wind)

I watched the Japanese anime 'Koi Kaze' on youtube, so i have only seen it in a small frame. I want to mention this because it's possible that much of the emotion and beauty is gone when you watch it not in the complete screen version.
Koi Kaze is an anime of 12 episodes which deals about a very difficult subject, many even think it's very controversial and sick to watch. It deals about the love of a bother (30) and sister (15). And le me tell you one thing clear... we talk about true love here.
I know when people know this, many don't wanna see the series but I can only advice you the opposite thing: You have to watch this one!! The style of this anime is a bit simple and that makes it even more interesting. This anime is about the inner feelings of a man who falls in love with a girl, first he doesn't even know it's his sister cause their parents got divorced long ago. He feels bad about himself and doesn't know what to do, will she fall in love with him too? It's the story of very very sad feelings. In one way this anime absorbs you into it's story and it will make you feel a bit sad too.
I read somewhere you had to take care you won't loose sleep after watching it, and I think it's pretty right. The images and dark dark emotions and sadness could cause pretty depressive thoughts, another way it makes you wanna look episode after episode. This anime is will give you a weird experience and I still don't know what to think of it. One thing is clear to me... it's worth the try! The music is great too.
Well...this anime will only be loved by a very very small group of people.


Jing Yi said...

It sounds like a perfect one,Meinte..I loved your this essay's so great!the way of introducing its story is very special and wonderful!I always like it.hehe...Japanese cartoons always leave me a strong impression.their stories are attracting,their music is very beautiful and fit,their frames are always wonderful and excellent...
I love to read and watch sad stories,cuz they could make you emotional,touching.they can let you fall into deep thought.they always leave a deep meanings and sad feelings in your minds.but they make you unforgetable.
a beautiful essay again,Meinte.

Laven said...

As for this essay itself , undoubtedly another fascinating art . Actually , if I was a stranger , I might feel you are promoting japanese cartoons !

As for true love , I consider it beyond space time , so it does matter with age . However , stereotype may affect people's view .

As for cartoons , I am afraid I do not love watching it , partly due to my bringing-up environment . Therefore , I lost interests in it long before .

As for its contents, no matter cartoon or TV series , I am afraid we have different appetites . I love inferring logically . As a result , romantic series will not be the initial choice to me .