Monday, April 16, 2007

Darkest worlds

Dreaming of this other world,
I slowly fade into the dark of the moonless night.
Flying beyond space and time,
Mysteries wink in ever changing corners.

Black eyes are watching me,
I feel their staring,
But I can't see, tell me why,
why do they see me?

Screaming voices are hurting my soul
My eyes, my eyes,
they're filled with blood.

I want to escape, return.
This dream, this nightmare,
this everlasting truth.

1 comment:

Jing Yi said...

Wow,it's a pretty cool poem.well,i had watched this poem for a few times,it attracted me a lot..
The topic is also very amazing,
really,although it's not very long has the ideal condition.i even could feel the feeling which you seems that i came into this darkest worlds.. i love the beauty of dispirited.i have been thinking about to write this style of poem.but it's most perfect one which i ever saw.
it's too hard to express my feeling of liking to this poem with words.