Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Marie Antoinette

Last sunday I watched Marie Antoinette (I also have watched it in the cinema's) directed by Sofia Coppola and the leading actress is Kirsten Dunst. Well one song in this movie gives the right mood 'I like candy'. Everything is so sweet in this movie, from pink dresses to little dogs that look like furballs. And Kirsten dunst looks sweet too.
Well enough about sweetness, it's just a fantastic movie. Don't expect a storyline that wirls in action but sit back in your chair and enjoy the beauty and decadence of Versailles, the brilliant acting of Kirsten Dunst and the absolutely fantastic clothesing. And for the ones who are afraid of her execution, it won't be shown!

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Jing Yi said...

you ever introduced this film to me,well,i was very curious.but after seeing its pictures.i loved this film.and i can't help watching it one day.well,the clothesings in it are too beautiful..