Monday, April 9, 2007


A strange, very strange movie. I think this described the Chinese movie 'Dumplings' perfectly, directed by Fruit Chan. Yu could say the story is a bit sick, but in a way the movie is very attracting. The camerashots are wonderful, thanks to Christopher Doyle (2046, in the mood for love). The acting of Bai Ling, Miryam Yeung and Tony Leung is great, they each give a special personality to their character.
It's about a woman that wants to be young again. This quest leads her towards a mysterious woman that seem to have some famous 'Dumplings' that will bring her eternal youth. What is the secret? A strange, sometimes disturbing movie about the crazyness of the modern beauty, to stay young and beautiful no matter what the price will be.


Jing Yi said...

hmm..i ever watched it's a bit scary.but it's a good one.i also introduced my friends to see it.hehe,some of them think it's a bit sick.
but i hope you could taste the dumplings.they are delicious so much.hehe..they aren't as scary as in that film.

Sabrina Ahmad said...

I was almost distracted by the fashion. Both Mrs Li and Aunty Mei wear such chic clothing, it was like watching the Fall 2011/Spring2011 catwalk on film