Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dolls - Takeshi Kitano

Wowww , that is what I can say about Takeshi Kitano's movie: Dolls.
A story about three different kinds of love between people. One guy loves a girl but is forced to marry another for his career. The girl he leaves tries to commit suicide and becomes mentally ill. He looks for her and they walk through the Japanese seasons bound my a red cord.

The second story is about a Yakuza (Japanese maffia) leader who loved a girl when he was young, they always sat at the same spot on saturday in the park. When he is old he looks for her and finds her still sitting in the same park. The third story is about an idol and her fans. Who is the biggest fan and how can he show his devotion to her.

These are all very tragic stories about undying love. It's inspired by the Japanese Bunraku doll theatre. Kitano is also inspired by famous writer 'Chikamatsu Monzaemon' (1653-1724). He is like the Japanese Shakespeare.

You will be blown away by it's gorgeous imagery. The brilliant costumes are the work of famous Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. For those who wanna see pure beauty and aren't afraid of something have to see this one!

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Jing Yi said...

well,I just can't wait to see this film after seeing your essay and pictures are really beautiful.i could feel that it's a wonderful film.cuz its frame,story,clothesing...are all wonderful...