Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fallen angels (duo luo tian shi) - Wong Kar Wai

What can be said about Wong Kar Wai's 'Fallen angels'? I don't know it really. It is a very strange and hypnotic movie. A movie about weird people in our even society. People don't talk very much with eachother, direct meeting leads to misunderstanding.
A killer tries to be strict and only keeps his relation to his partner in crime in a business way, not easy when she is 'Michelle Reis' though. Another men who became mute after eating a can of expired pineaple breaks in people's businesses and forces them to by his products.
It's not a very clear story, the viewer has to fill in the plot really.

One of the most beautiful scenes is when Michelle is listening to the jukebox in a bar, some mystical music by Lauri Anderson (Speak my language) is played. This scene is dark though interesting.
A rather strange, hypnotical and interesting movie about detachment that people feel to the real world.

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