Monday, August 13, 2007

Curse of the golden flower

Tonight I have seen Zhang Yimou's Curse of the golden flower! After 'Hero' and 'House of flying daggers' Zhang Yimou wanted to complete his trilogy of films which take place in three different dynasties. It's like a Shakespearian story situated in the forbidden city of China. It's full of love, intruige, sorrow and power. This movie overwhelmed me completely, the scenes are so perfectly beautiful the music is outstanding and the story is so exciting that before you know it this movie is over.
The acting of Gong Li (I have to say she seems to act brilliant in every movie she plays, from 'Red Sorghum' to 'curse of the golden flower', she is in my eyes one of the best actresses of the last few decades) is just wonderful, she caps every emotion in the perfect way. Chow Yun Fat plays the emperor, well I think it's almost the same like Gong Li, he seems to play wonderful always too.

I was drowned into the beauty of the forbidden ├žity, in the madness of the emperor and the sad story which really gets a hrip on your heart. How is it possible that only Chinese directors seem to be able to catch this magic feeling, to show these magic camerawork? I am not sure but I am just happy they know how to portrait the beauty you long for.
If this is a little glimpse in Zhang Yimou's opening ceremony for the Olympic games in Beijing, I guess it will be magnificent, even beyond imagination.

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