Monday, November 5, 2007

Figure skating 2007/2008

Well the figure skating season has begun! Last saturday I watched an exhibition gala from Ingolstadt, Germany on television. What will it be this year...will Yu Na Kim this year take the gold in the world championships or wil Miki Ando strike again? We will know it in March when the world championships will be held from 16 till 23 March at Göteborg, Sweden! I hope it will be a great season!!

The first real matches were this weekend at quebec city Canada. Brian Joubert won the golden medal in men, van der Parre was second..very good my neighbour Belgium! In the women race Mao Asada took the gold in front of Yukari Nakano! The gold medal in pair skating went to Savchenko/Szolkowy. Silver medalist were Dube/Davison!

A beautiful picture of high favourite and winner Mao Asada

Next week the GP of China at Harbin!

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